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Simeon and his crew have taken care of our lawn for years and four years ago we had him
re-landscape our yard and have been very happy with the job because it was done very
professionally and the price was very competitive.  He and his crew mow, trim, fertilize, etc.
as is needed (I trust them completely, because we have a cottage that we send most of the
summer months) and we have been very happy with the results.  I highly recommend them!
Mary and Terry Newkirk

I have had a wonderful experience working with Miller's Lawn and Landscape. My husband and I moved from out of town in 2008.  We bought a house in the Fort Wayne area that had a yard that had not been well kept. After comparing prices for service with other local lawn care companies, we found Miller's very affordable. Simeon and his staff came in and helped me make the yard my own, not to mention it was much more manageable. He helped me select beautiful plants and trees that complimented both the yard, and the amount of time I would like to spend in it. Simeon and his team are excellent in lawn care and we also us their snow removal service in the winter months. Their customer service is top notch, and they are timely in their response to service needs.  I highly recommend their services.

Billie Becker,  Fort Wayne, IN