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Landscape Design

Fort Wayne Landscape Design


Have you ever worked with a contractor that did not listen to your ideas?

That is not the way it works here at Miller's Lawn & Landscape. We listen to you and design a landscape that will not only make your property look great, but it will also make you proud to call it your own!! Each design is custom created to meet your needs, and the needs of your environment.

Computerized Design Software

We use professional, computerized design software to help us show you exactly what you are going to get before we install it. We sit down and figure out what plants are best for your situation. When doing the landscape design process, we take into consideration:

  1. The soil type
  2. The amount of sunlight
  3. The amount of water that is available

After careful consideration, we make the plant selections for our designs resulting in the most attractive landscape possible. If you have a special plant or a certain landscape element that you would like included in your landscape design, we do our best to accommodate. Our landscape designs are professional and easy to read. Please browse the website to view some of our designs.