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Lawn Care

There are many things that are crucial to having a good-looking lawn. The most important is to have a healthy lawn. To get a healthy lawn you need to make sure that all the elements of your lawn are kept in balance, and it is our job to make that happen.

Lawn care has been Miller's Lawn & Landscape's specialty ever since our company began in 1996. We now offer a full line of lawn care services including: mowing, trimming, edging, fertilization, weed control, aeration, overseeding and new lawn installation.



Hate hot muggy weather? Need more time to gulf? Need more time for the important things in life? That is were we come in, you'll never have to get out that old lawn mower again! Leave your lawn care to us and never worry about your lawn again.

Having your lawn properly mowed is the most important factor in having a healthy lawn. Timing and equipment maintenance are crucial to a proper mowing job which is why we make these elements a high priority. Mowing is performed on a weekly or as needed basis. Mowing includes trimming and edging. Trimming is performed at the time of mowing. Trimming is done using a line trimmer around trees, buildings, fences, landscape beds, etc. Edging is performed as needed along concrete sidewalks and drives.


Proper fertilization is the next most important element in having a healthy and good-looking lawn. The most important thing to keep in mind when fertilizing is the enviornmant. That is why do the little things like sweeping the granules off the concrete, this keeps them out of our waterways. Unlike the large nation wide companies that have one program that they haphazardly throw down on everyone's lawn from Maine to California, we use fertilizers that are formulated to Allen County Indiana. We also have highly trained and licensed applicators. Our fertilization programs also have weed control included in the price. Each fertilization application must be done in the proper time frame. There are many factors that affect the exact time frame for each application, the largest being the temperature and the amount of water on the lawn. Time is also very crucial to achieving a good weed control. With these factors in mind, we recommend four to six applications per year. Each fertilization program is customized to fit your lawn and your budget. All that boils down to with us you get a green weed free lawn in a eco friendly manner that is good for your budget!

Additional Lawn Services

Other services we perform are:

  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Seeding and Sod Services
  • New lawn installation

Aeration is very important for the health of your lawn. This process allows air and water to get through compacted soil to the roots of each grass plant. Getting air and water to the roots will make your lawn more resistant to drought and disease.

If your lawn is in need of overseeding we can do the job. Your lawn needs overseeded if there are bare spots or if the lawn is not as thick as you would like it to be.

Building a new house? You will need a new lawn! We are the ones for the job!